Leadership starts with YOU!

What kind of personal Leadership skills do you have?

Is there a Leader that inspires you?

What makes a great Leader?

Training Purpose

  • Discover what kind of Leader you are
  • Discover the successfull habits of great Leaders
  • How to improve your Leadership skills
  • Evolving as a Leader
  • Nourish your inner Leader
  • Becoming the Leader you want to see


Is about “Empowered” individuals. Great Leaders are often also “Enlightened“.

Empowerment: someone who is/takes responsibility for his decisions/actions and the outcome of it.

Enlightened:  someone who expands his consciousness, knows there is a greater part in life than just us as “humans”

Training preview: Personal Leadership

Reflect: What is Leadership, How do define this as individuals and why, understanding the different types of Leadership, experience different types of Leadership. What questions do Leaders arise within us.


Define: Group work sharing examples of great Leaders you know, you look up to, can be an example for you. What are THE skills they have? Were they born with it or can you learn Leadership skills? 


Discover: What kind of Leader do you want to be? Achieving your Leadership goal what can this mean for you? What would change for you? What can improve for you? 


Be: Integrating the new habits of great Leaders, how does it feel, what is it telling You. Evolve to your excellence potential as a Leader.


Quote S. Covey

“Sharpen the saw, this is just the beginning of a great journey, keep on evolving to reach your higher potential”.