From operational Management to People Management


You are expert in your domain.


How do your work processes benefit the quality of your work?


How to build the bridge from Operational Management to People Management?

Grow and Blossom (



  • What is Management about – How do YOU experience it
  • What strengths do YOU need to be an “excellent” Manager
  • How can YOU improve your Management skills
  • What is the benefit of being a “strong” operational Manager
  • Discover the impact a “strong” People Manager can have
  • How to become an inspiration for others

Teal style


Self-Organized teams “hot” topic or the future?

Perception is that it is Scary to think about it.

Managers will no longer be needed?

Will there be Anarchy on the workfloor?


The new way of working brings unimaginable benefits to everybody!

If you are curious let’s have a free chat about it.


Training Preview: From Operational to People Management


Reflect: What does it mean to be a Manager, how do you see yourself as a Manager, what kind of Management styles exist, what kind of Manager do you want to be.


Define: Sharing examples of Management skills, learning from each others experience, experience the differences and the results.


Discover: What kind of Manager do you want to be, what do you need to achieve this desired result, define “excellence” in Management, improve your skills by practicing, being. 


Be: acting with new habits learned during the training, evolve to your excellence potential as a Manager.


Quote S. Covey

“Sharpen the saw, this is just the beginning of a great journey, keep on evolving to reach your higher potential”.