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Human Resources


Human Resources




You would think about a department that manages the “human” “resources” of the organization.

Well, that is it sometimes…

A lot of us don’t understand what HR is about.

What is the role?

The responsibility on a strategical level?

Are they part of the Board or Board of Directors?

Does HR have anything to say?

Well, I’m asking you? What do you think?

I have my Ideal world that’s why I’m an HR consultant  🙂

I’ve been in dozens of organizations all over the globe, so I have seen HR in different Cultures, Political climates, different CEO’s, different industries, HR lead men or women. It all brings a difference, challenges, benefits.

I know what is possible to achieve when you have the following things in place:

  1. Clear intention of HR in your organization
  2. What is the Mission & Vision of your HR department
  3. What can ALL employees from your organization expect from HR as their biggest internal supplier?
  4. What “level” of service do you want to deliver as HR department to the whole organization?
  5. What are your own core values that define your HR department, I’m not talking about nice and fancy posters, what level of service & engagement do you stand for?
  6. How does your CEO consider the role of HR – as an added value/partner or as a burden


Companies – Organizations – Manufacturing, it is all about people, about humans who are doing the work at all levels that need to be done, so the organization can make money to pay the bills and their salaries.

Once the salaries are paid, people can go and pay their bills and buy stuff so the economy is circulating. In the end, the HR employees are HUMAN, working for their salary and so on. So I’m inviting you, Human, to think, reflect, see how you handle HR in your organization. Open the conversation with your employees to know/understand what they expect. Open the conversation with the Leadership team, to know/understand what they expect.

Please HR People, keep your “Integrity” take on a “servant” role to best advice the organization, so all humans within will benefit for the best.

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