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The future of work - balanceboost

The future of work

future of work

The future of work

So many people are disengaged, stressed, frustrated at work.

Anxiety is rising, especially now that there’s so much talk about the “future of work” and people losing their jobs, retail companies shutting down, technology replacing humans.

My genuine desire is that the future of work isn’t the same as the past or the present of work.

The future of work must be about finding meaning and purpose at work. It has to be about leading with the heart and not the wallet.

It must be focused on humans, and not on profits, things or systems.

In the case of HR, it really hasn’t been much about the humans as much as about the company, the policies, the rules.

I truly hope and advocate that HR will change the focus and build a new kind of HR where there’s an extreme focus on people.

Putting people first is the first core value every organization should have.

The Industrial Era is done!

1950-1980 organizations needed muscles

1980-2015 organizations needed brains

2015 – future organizations need Hearts

There is no excuse, Leaders need to awaken to this present of Work, to connect with their employees because without employees on organization no Leaders needed.

It is time for a Circular Economy & Organization!

HR can be a pioneer in this, being a whisperer in the organization, to show the way, to show options, to support leaders to see what is possible and what is needed to achieve it.

HR should take away the fear of the unknown and become a strategic partner to ensure the future of wellbeing in the organization.

Are you ready?

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