Some call it Change management – Transformation – Transition.

It is all about the “People side of CHANGE”!

So how  you manage your Change, will have a direct effect on your peopleresults.  

Did you know only 25% of Belgian companies are busy with their “Agility”.


Why & When to “Change”?


  • Are your results satisfying to the stakeholders?
  • How is the market evolving, are you agile?
  • Are you sustainable?
  • What are your goals within the 5 coming years?


  • Now! think forward don’t become a Kodak story
  • Time is speeding up, technology is not waiting for you so get in action
  • Start to think about it to get a clear understanding about what you want


  • Intake meeting
  • Conduct an organizational/department scan
  • Deliver a full executive report + action plan (proposal)
  • Implementation of the “agreed” plan
  • Monitoring results 

My Role

  • Advisor or Interim manager
  • Assessor or Interim manager
  • Business analyst or interim manager
  • Change Facilitator – Coach or Interim manager
  • Advisor or Interim manager
Grow and Blossom (

Change is about PEOPLE

Share your objectives about the Change with your employees

Align your strategy goals – processes – team involvement

Align your Values – Goals – People 

Align your Leadership style

Expected results


  • Ease in merging companies – departments
  • Solving issues with Union – Teams – Individuals – Suppliers
  • Creating Ownership – Collaboration – Empowerment


Company Benefits


  • Management & Employee engagement
  • Decrease of Absenteeism
  • Decrease of Burn-out & Bore-out cases

Some amaizing results of clients

  • Profit increase up to 25%
  • Savings up to 35%
  • Employee productivity & Engagement increased by 20-30%

These results are obtained within the 6-9 months of collaborating with me.

Some case examples

Recruitment Transformation: 

  • Intake meeting to get a clear understanding about the as is situation
  • Analyse the actual Processes – Roles within the team – Relationship with clients – Lead time
  • Delivering a full report with a proposal with “best practices”
  • Implement a new and transparant strategy

Results: Team work is a co-creation – Lead time is decreased – Relationship with clients is “customer centered”

Production process & labour cost optimalisation

  • Intake meeting to get a clear understanding of the as is situation
  • Analyse the actual Processes – Planning – Absenteeism – Labour to production time – Raw materials – Stock – Sharing in & output in meeting
  • Deliver a full report with a proposal to Change/Improve with a clear overview of savings
  • Implement in collaboration with the Management of all departments envolved

Results: Decrease absenteeism – improved production time and quality – Empowered the management to be creative, entrepreneurial and responsible – savings up to 25% within 6-9 months

In Belgium use the “Grant for advise” KMO-Portefeuille

Discount up to 40%



SME’s 1-15 employees , 1 full day or 2 half-days




5 Days Company/Departments