Happiness at Work, the ingredient NOT to miss!

Over the Globe we all need to work longer until retirement.

We spend an average of 75% of our time at work.

Yes, being Happy at work can make an impact on your Organization & Employees.


  • We live longer
  • We need to Work longer
  • We understand better the impact of Work & our Well Being
  • It is time to take actions to create a Sustainable Future


  • What is Happiness at Work?
  • How can Happiness at Work be measured?
  • Who is responsible for Happiness at Work?
Grow and Blossom (BalanceBoost.eu)


  • Intake to understand the actual challenge
  • Conduct an analyse throughout the Organization
  • Develop an Implementation plan
  • Develop a Communication plan
  • Develop Workshops for all layers in the Organization

My Role

  • As an external Mentor I help you setting it all up
  • Designer, I create your vision
  • Ad interim inhouse Chief Happiness Officer
  • Keynote speaker

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What is holding you back to bring Happiness in your organization?

10 Must know about Happiness at Work

  1. Studies show that happiness at work may be the most important success factor for a modern workplace and that happy companies make more money!
  2. Happiness at work is one of the 3 most important sources of happiness in life.
  3. Happiness at work is the best antidote to stress. Stress doesn’t necessarily come from working too much but from feeling bad while you work.
  4. Increasing employee happiness dramatically reduces absenteeism and employee turnover.
  5. In all the world, only the Scandinavian languages have a widely used word for happiness at work. In Danish the word is
  6. Your happiness at work is your responsibility. Not your boss’s, not your co-workers’ and not society’s. Yours.
  7. Your boss and your workplace are responsible for creating a setting and culture where it’s easy to be happy at work.
  8. Happiness at work doesn’t only come from the organization’s policies, strategies, plans or values. It comes from the things that you and I do here and now.
  9. Happiness at work doesn’t come from raises, bonuses or perks. It comes from two things: Results and Relationships, ie. doing great work together with great people.
  10. Happiness at work doesn’t just happen. It takes a focused, long-term effort from management and employees together.