We all communicate in a different way.


What is the impact of our communication.


Start with your intention to communicate “authentically” 



  • What is Communication about! verbal – non-verbal – attitude – intention
  • What challenges do YOU face in your Communication
  • How to start improving your Communication
  • Start with the End in mind
  • SWOT analyse of your Communication skills
  • The great benefits of “great Communication for You and others
  • Create your “own” Communication style, be “true” to Yourself

Training Overview


Reflect: Time to share in group how each experiences communication


Define: Discover in interactive way what your Communication style is, does it have the perception you want it to have


Discover: How to improve your communiction – what to learn – how to apply in your daily life


Be: Intergrate all the new things you have learned – what is the impact on your future Communication

Training preview Communicate with the “desired” result in mind


Reflect: What is Communication about, how do we understand Communication, the influence of communication in our life & work, how would you like to Communicate.


Define: Swot analyse about your actual Communication style, what does your Communication do with others, do others understand your Communication the way you desire it.


Discover: Action vs Reaction, set the goal of your Communication, try-out start with “the intention” Communication style, the impact of your attitude, your tone, your words


Be: Refresh your Communication, Communicate without speaking, feel the impact of your Communication, Communicate to “connect”, acknowledge the power of your Communication.