It is time to learn our true purpose on earth, to grow in our full potential.

The academy is an Inspiring playground for individuals & organizations.

A place where you can discover – grow – expand your talents!


It is time to Become the TRUE you.   hartje


All our Academy training can be provided in Company & Schools.  call us for a tailor made program.


We listen to your request.

We understand your need.

We design a program.

We deliver “Excellence”.


  • Expertise 
  • Interactive
  • Mirroring
  • Guarantee on results
  • Feedback – Feedforward – Executive report delivered

You will get what you paid for and beyond expectations!

90 minutes Workshops


YES workshops will Boost your mind!

YES  Dynamic – Fun – Joyfull – Surprising – Interactive – Expanding

YES is seeing – feeling – being.

Topics covered:

  • Handling conflict – turn it to positive
  • Communicationdon’t waste your time
  • Improvng relationships – stop on time
  • Burn-out – how to prevent it!
  • Focus – how to improve it
  • Creating company values – dynamic Brainstorm 
  • Defining roles & responsibilities – create a self managed team
  • Personal Branding – actors – impact on your results


90 minutes of Brain work out! Can you handle this? 

Get inspired!

Organize a YES workshops in: Company, Networking events, Schools.

Wow! Sounds Energizing