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Annick Bleyen


Passionate – Driven – Integrity – Communicative – Humor (sarcastic) – Unshakable positive – Spiritual – High Sensitive – Emphatic


My goal is to help others become the Best they can in that given moment!

Be empowered, step up for your goal, your success, your blessings.


Dear to dream Big! 

Who am I in a nutshell

Born in Lommel, mix of cultures between The Netherlands – Burundi – Belgium. High sensitive child & adult.

Single parent of 3 wonderful young adults.

Entrepreneur, in 2005 I started my private Coaching practice, in 2008 a made the step to become a full-time entrepreneur. Not an easy decision for me, being a single parent, but I do not want to live with regrets so I did it.

It has been a challenging journey for me, women, single parent, starting from scratch, having no role model, having to find my way alone in the entrepreneurial jungle of Belgium.


Today after all those years I can honestly say that this journey has been the most challenging and most rewarding in my life.

It has made me a stronger individual, grown my personal leadership skills, setting my goals and working towards them, stepping up for my rights and respect.

Having gained some maturity, I am happy to share my experience, knowledge with others.


Professional experience:

  • 20 years in sales in private sector
  • 7 years in procurement in private & public sector
  • 15 years in HR, General HR, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Coaching, HR management
  • 8 years in Change management

This rich experience in different industries brings me confidence, understanding, patience.



Our partner in Career Coaching


Our partner in Coaching startups in Limburg


Our Training partner in the UAE.

We inspire – deliver – create the shift.


BalanceBoost is a member of the EFQM (= European Foundation for Quality Management) organization in Brussel. What is EFQM? As a foundation, EFQM brings members together to develop each other using assessment as a discovery process for individual learning and strategic recommendations for the organizations. What’s EFQM ‘s mission? EFQM brings together organizations striving for Sustainable Excellence. Why is BalanceBoost a member of the EFQM? The first reason is to gain expertise from other EFQM members, which can be used by the customers of BalanceBoost and the second reason is to implement good practices gained via the EFQM  assessments or via access of the EFQM benchmarking database of recognized organizations.

Our Mission

Is to inform, inspire and network through:

– building partnerships with organisations, change managers and change management providers

– hosting educational and social network events

– increase membership in ACMP Belux to become a solid based organisation and the reference for the people side of change by exchanging and enhancing change management knowledge, activities, community and network

– align with ACMP Global to share and contribute to change management knowledge and networks

Our Vision

Is to create a Change Management Eco-System in the Belux where organisations, businesses, educational institutions, and change management professionals, strengthen each other to make change sustainable long-term – with equal focus on bottom-line results as well as on people.

Non-Profit organization I support

” We aid destitute South-Africans by providing hope & opportunities, transforming passion-filled talents into high-quality products, generating income, leading to self-sufficiency.”


Every year in Belgium Homestars organizes the Pop-up Street store

This is a Free shopping event for poor and homeless people in Belgium.

In 2016 it was the 2nd edition, at this moment allways taking place in the city of Hasselt.

Companies I had the privilege to work with.


“Being a man of 40 years, I gained a lot of knowledge and awareness thanks to the individual coaching Annick provided. The change my company was facing at that time, as a management team we were stuck and didn’t move on as desired. She stretched me, she encouraged me, I could always count on her listening skills without any judgement.” Luk


“Thanks to the mirror Annick put enfront of me I could see my limiting beliefs, my fears. She made me realize that I can do it, that I do not need to be affraid. It is better to look back at something you did, than to live with regret.” Sonia