Challenges for freelancers/contractors

Challenges for freelancers/contractors

Freelancer versus employee
The employee gets a contract according to his jobdescription and offered a monthly salary.
A freelancer is an expert in his domain (sales, HR, trainer, coach, finance, procurement etc). He gets in contact (most of the time) with a contracting firm who is organized like a temp working office but using freelancers.

  • Contracting firm contacts different freelancers for A job
  • Asking about the freelancers fee, and if “to” high they will say our client has xxx budget
  • Then go to an interview at the contractors firm first
  • Then go to an interview at the client
  • Wait for a return ( if you ever get one)
  • You are the chosen one, yehaaaa
  • Contracting firm sends you a contract (that they made up, with their own commercial obligations, duration of the project, dayfee, payment terms
  • Freelancer you sign it, there is “almost” no space to negociate on the “clarity” of the number of days, or the payment terms

This is a general flow, if it works well, you will have your project for 3-6-9-12 months or more depending.

DIFFERENCES: Commercial law
As a freelancer/contractor you are supposed to follow the “commercial law” meaning company to company find an agreement after negotiating on the price, the exact details of the project the time, the place to work at, reporting etc. and also the payment terms.
Working through a contracting firm you NEVER get the possibility to handle as an Equal!
Being 2 commercials with a need and someone (you the freelancer) who has the right expertise to answer the need of the (contracting firms client) client.


  • Need to acknowledge the entrepreneurship of each freelancer/contractor
  • They are experts, ask them about examples of their work, no testing please like for employees
  • Freelancer have your own contracts and commercial terms, send them to who would like to work with you for information purposes
  • When a freelancer doesn’t work, he has NO income! So when you book a freelancer for 2 full months, do respect it! There are companies who “abuse” a lot of freelancers, they just cancel when the client thinks I don’t need this freelancer anyway, or I found after 10 days someone inside the company who would do it. Be aware that this can RUIN a freelancers.

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