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Simpler method

3 simple yet effective questions!

  • Why these questions?
  • What is the benefit of these questions?
  • How does it work?


After years fo Coaching – Training – guiding in Transformation I created these simple yet effective method!


  • WHY? to get to the core of your challenge at that precise moment!
  • WHAT? it saves you time – money – frustrations!
  • HOW? by assisting you to get your hidden answer, immediate effective results will follow!


“Waisting time is not an option when you want to improve your life or business!”


Curious? Get them now for FREE! Try it out.

A question is easy! It is not what you are asking but how you are asking that makes the difference!

  • See opportunities not problems
  • See people not employees
  • Speak out your questions/doubts
  •  Take time to think
  • Ask for help



  • Getting inspiration
  • Finding solutions
  • Feeling understood
  • Desire to collaborate
  • Alligning a common goal


Elevating the awareness – facilitate in processing information – achieving goals.

My experience has learned me that I achieve greater results by being supported by an external-impartial person or follow a training.

A sparring partner – someone who reflects with you – someone who can relate with you.

I believe in  Infinite opportunities, People having all the same capabilities.


“The more resistance there is, the more opportunities I see”.


“The more tension there is, the more fear I sense”.


How can I Help you.



My strength is in facilitating Organizations – Teams – Individuals



  • Change management
  • Management coaching
  • Training – Shifting minds – Habits



  • Team Building
  • Individual & Team coaching – e-Coaching



  • e-Coaching
  • Face2Face coaching



Having a work experience over 20 years in different industries & departments I have a large overview about organizations this helps me to relate with you.


Life time learning is part of who I am. This keeps my mind open so I can share my learnings with my clients.


“Sharing this knowledge is Caring about you”.


Created a mix of best practices to deliver the best results.



Being Agile is a necessity


Having a goal is necessary


Getting inspired


Change is the only consistance in Life