General HR (Hard HR)

Talent Magnet (Recruitment)

Interim HR Management

Set up Effective HR process A-Z

Learning & Development Plan







Happiness at work – Why

Workshops to create Connection

Team connection – Cross teams

C-Level Happiness purpose – bridge to Strategy

Plan – Develop – Implement




Ignite transformation workshops

Stop your Biases, they don’t serve you!

90 min Boost workshops to get minds moving

*Impactful communication – *Handling Conflict – *Leadership from the heart

You’re full of Shit – we look at ourselves and all the shit we create & say

*All the workshops are given in Dutch – French – English



Simpler method

3 simple yet effective questions!

  • Why?
  • What?
  • How?


The world is getting more and more complex, so is business.

People are “over” complicating things and organizations pay a lot of money for “complexity”.

Question: How does this “complexity” benefits your people & results?

  • WHY? To understand why you do the things in x way
  • WHAT? are you doing and how is that working out for you?
  • HOW? wat is your return on your investment in time and money?


“There is nothing as Complex and Simple as Nature”

It is so perfect by its simplicity.

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It is not what you are asking but how you are asking that makes the difference!

Be Agile 


Have a goal 


Get inspired


Change is the only constance in Life!