I’m Annick


Entrepreneur, Coach, Philanthropist, Undisruptable optimist.

Passionate about Life, Mother, Globetrotter, Spiritual, Japanese food addict.

My passion is to inspire People -Organizations – Teams – to reach their full potential. Shift the limiting thinking patterns, to see possibilities, to dare make the shift.


“Your mind is like a parachute, it will only work if it is open”.

Change – Transformation


Are you also feeling that things are changing fast – can you keep up with it for your organization, for yourself?

An alligned Coach can be of great support to you!


           1. By listening first

           2. Understanding

           3. Keeping a mirror enfront of you

           4.Inspiring you to be at your Full Potential

We care about understanding you & your business!


  • See opportunities not problems
  • See people not employees
  • Speak out your questions/doubts
  •  Take time to think
  • Ask for help



Hi, I'm ready to listen to you.

Feel free to share your doubts, ask your questions


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  • Getting inspiration
  • Finding solutions
  • Feeling understood
  • Desire to collaborate
  • Alligning a common goal


Elevating the awareness – facilitate in processing information – achieving goals.

My experience has learned me that I achieve greater results by being supported by an external-impartial person or follow a training.

A sparring partner – someone who reflects with you – someone who can relate with you.

I believe in  Infinite opportunities, People having all the same capabilities.


“The more resistance there is, the more opportunities I see”.


“The more tension there is, the more fear I sense”.


How can I Help you.



My strength is in facilitating Organizations – Teams – Individuals



  • Change management
  • Management coaching
  • Training – Shifting minds – Habits



  • Team Building
  • Individual & Team coaching – e-Coaching



  • e-Coaching
  • Face2Face coaching



Having a work experience over 20 years in different industries & departments I have a large overview about organizations this helps me to relate with you.


Life time learning is part of who I am. This keeps my mind open so I can share my learnings with my clients.


“Sharing this knowledge is Caring about you”.


Created a mix of best practices to deliver the best results.



Being Agile is a necessity


Having a goal is necessary


Getting inspired


Change is the only consistance in Life